G+ identity follies


Google wants real identities on G+. No pseudonyms. (After enduring enough protest, they relented for those with established pseudonymous public personae.) And yet, Google also gently but persistently harasses you to setup a G+ identity for every Google account you have. At the moment I have two personal Gmail accounts and three Google Apps work accounts. Google keeps insisting that I make a G+ profile for each one of those accounts, either by pestering me upon login or by disabling key features of applications like Hangouts for accounts without a G+ profile. I now have five G+ identities to manage. I can laboriously recreate my “circles” on each one and flesh each of them out, figure out some way to syndicate one of them to the other four, or simply ignore most of them, leaving them to molder as dusty ghost profiles. It’s hard to see how this is good for the health and vitality of G+ as a community or social network except to artificially juice the number of users.